CEO's message

President & Chief Exective Officer  Katsuyuki Akutagawa

  • ALPAD Corporation (“ALPAD”) was established in 2017 by electronic component manufacturing companies ASAHI RUBBER INC., CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., TOYODA GOSEI and NICHIA CORPORATION as shareholders. It focuses on intellectual property management, including prosecution and licensing of its intellectual property portfolios, and it is offering license packages to companies. It has already licensed to multiple companies and obtained the funds for its operation.
    Its current intellectual property portfolio covers materials, elements, and packages in the field of optical semiconductors (LED etc.).
    Its personnel, including its directors and various staff members are from each shareholder companies.
    ALPAD intends to capitalize on these wide-ranging knowledges to expand its fields of operation and utilize its intellectual property rights to support companies in a wide range of business fields.

     June, 2021 President & CEO Katsuyuki Akutagawa